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We are used to working closely with suppliers to obtain the maximum efficiency between the process and design. Some of the processes for which we have designed are:

  • different types of machining, appropriate to part type and volume, casting, investment casting
  • plastic moulding, precision engineering materials, commodity, TPEs
  • rubbers – LSE, compression, transfer, insert moulding
  • stampings, investment castings
  • sheet metal, pressings, electrochemical machining and deposition
  • springs – from lightest hairsprings upwards
  • extrusion, rubbers, thermoplastic elastomers
  • braiding, hose and ducting
  • joining – adhesives, ultrasonic welding & staking, inserts and fasteners, laser welding
  • filter media, chemical adsorption
  • finishing, plating, polishing, lapping, rumbling, cryogenic
  • Innovative use of combinations of processes to achieve performance

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